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Scottish Rite Shriners York Rite

Masonic Family Symbols Twist Pen

Catalog #361227
This twist style symbols pen features many symbols of freemasonry in addition to emblems representing other orders in the masonic family. It demonstrates the diversity of the masonic family and you need not be a member of all the orders represented to own this fine writing instrument. Setting Maul, All Seeing Eye, 47th problem of Euclid, Moon, Apron, Scottish Rite, Trowel, Plumb, Square, Mark Mason Keystone, 24 inch gauge, Sun, Open Bible, Level, Pillars, and Shriners are all represented.

Masonic Family Symbols Twist Pen 12.29mm wide 138.6mm tall 12.29mm deep

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scottish rite

york rite

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